2.2 Thermo-shrinkable tapes used for packaging panels, floor board

Adapted to effective packaging machines. Due to 5 layer technology, even thin film has excellent features

Adapted to packaging line: BVM

The foil is produced as tapes. The foil can be manufactured with variety of additions which can improve its parameters:


  • Stupor – decreases film’s gliding
  • Skid – increases film’s gliding
  • UV filter – protection against sun
  • Antistatic – discharges electrostatic charges
  • Dye – film in all colours


Factory capacities

  • number of layers: mono, 3,5
  • Width: 100mm – 2600mm
  • Thickness: 20μm – 200μm
  • Roll’s Diameter: up to do 1000mm
  • Bush: fi 76, fi 152