1.1 Thermo-shrinkable sleeves

It is appropriate for packaging products from variety branches. Our thermo-shrinkable sleeves are mainly used for packing domestic appliances, electronics, glass, ceramics and loose products. Technology is adjusted to packing machine and the product. It is very tough and shrink. It can be widely modified.

Adapted to packing lines: OMS, Marpak, MSK

Film produced as sleeves, sleeves with lap, half-sleeves and tapes. The foil can be manufactured with variety of additions which can improve its parameters:

  • Stupor – decreases film’s gliding
  • Skid – increases film’s gliding
  • UV filter – protects against sun
  • Antistatic – discharges electrostatic charges
  • Dye – film in all colours


Factory capacities

  • number of layers: mono, 3 and 5
  • Width: 100mm – 2900mm
  • Thickness: 20μm – 200μm
  • Roll’s Diameter: up to do 1000mm
  • Bush: fi 76, fi 152